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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
This is accurate if the icetime were more equal across the board. Goons don't usually play the entire season nor do they get a regular shift when they play, ~10 shifts/game. Not all these shifts would be a 'zone start'. In reality, the zone start % for goons is based on low amount of total starts.

Colton Orr averaged 1.98 O-zone starts/game
Frazer McLaren averaged 2.06 O-one starts/game

Compare this to the Habs regular 4th liner in White and top shelter requirement in Desharnais:

David Desharnais averaged 5.00 O-zone/game
Ryan White averaged 1.25 O-zone starts/game

Essentially, there will be a need to share one extra non-ozone start/game among 3 other lines if we're to keep the same ratios - which wouldn't be necessary if DD somehow improves a little.
Well an extra O-zone faceoff a game probably doesn't seem like a lot, but it will add up over the course of the season. But you also need to look at number of D-zone starts because you are not just taking away an offensive opportunity from Desharnais you are going to give someone else a defensive one as well.

It would also be interesting to see who they go up against for those faceoffs. Therrien didn't seem afraid of starting our 4th line against opponents top lines, whereas I'm sure guys like Orr, their minutes are more carefully managed to only go out against other teams bottom lines.

Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
The idea is not merely a moral fight victory but giving the team the mindset that they can match their opposition in every aspect. Whenever a team faces the Habs, their message of what to do to beat the Habs is always to run them. Adding a goon on the Habs is just one little step to evening the playing field.
Well as you said the winner is often subjective. It wouldn't surprise me if most of the time both teams felt like they won the fight. And in the ones that are decisive they probably think it's great that the smaller guy showed the big guy they won't back down.

As for the opponents game plan. What do you think Boston's game plan is against Pittsburgh? Hit their star players. Whats their game plane against Toronto? Hit their star players. Whats will be their game plan if they go to the finals? Hit the other teams star players. Simply put every team tries to do the same thing against high skill players. We could have 10 enforcers on the team and the opponents game plan would still be play Markov & Subban as hard as you can.

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