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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Football is as tough? How so? And please tell me that you see just as much discussions about a holding penalty on the line that wasn't called compared to a hooking penalty that wasn't called in the NHL. Refereeing might be tough for other sports, problem is that people don't make as big as case for those sports than hockey. Yes, evident and gamechanging calls like the one that replacement referees made and so on...that will be discussed. But in hockey, every ****ing thread is now filled with hooking that should have been called compared to diving and embellishing....It's a freakin tough sport to judge and as fans we are the harshest (is that a word?) of any sport.
Reffing is a difficult and thankless job in any professional sport. The problem is that the NHL seems to be doing nothing about it.

Consistency. As much as the 2 referee system promised in theory, it failed miserably to deliver better ( more consistent, more balanced, more competent ) on ice decisions.

There is no doubt that instantly doubling the number of refs diluted the talent pool as much as a six to twelve team franchise expansion did. Plus it also doubles the number of incompetent, biased and agendaed zebras.

The other issue is that the league has clearly mandated the refs to modify the type and frequency of penalties called in the playoffs. I personally want to see more hitting, skating and scoring and less after-the-play face washing, cross checking of goal scorers and general butt plug behavior.

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