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06-06-2013, 10:05 PM
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Two years.

In the goal: Price will have to deliver better. Hopefully, in the next two years, he will improve and have a better defense. The leadership of Gill on the ice helped him and I am hoping that Tinordi can replace him.

In defense, I felt we were not so bad till the injury to Emelin showed we are lacking on the physical side.
Tinordi, despite problems during PO, showed pretty good.

Markov, PK, Gorges, Emelin, Diaz and Tinordi is a very good base.

We need two more on the physical side among Dietz, Thrower, Didier, Ellis and Pateryn.
We also need at least another PMD: Beaulieu, Bennett and Nygren.
If only two of these 8 d-men can turn into top-6 NHL d-men in the next two years, we are set.
Seems Beaulieu will be there within two years and hoping Dietz will also be there.

On the offense, I feel we are getting there:
Eller, Glachenyuk, Gallagher, Pacioretty, Bourque are going to be in our top-6 in the next two years. There is some size there (including BG who plays 5 inches bigger).

Plekanec is certainly a top-6 and Desharnais is still an enigma.
He could jump to the next level or just be a top-9.

So we need two other players to be on our top-9. Kristo, Leblanc, Collberg, Bozon, Bournival, Hudon will all compete for that spot.

The need for size is obvious but we do need only one or two with skills.

Given our prospects, I feel we will have enough size/Skill in defense to be OK.

I know that the actual trend in NHL is about size, but I think that having three offensive lines can also turn to be a lethal tool.
The route for this team is the one followed by the Hawks.

Are we there yet: No.
In two years: maybe...

We won't have the opportunity to have others top-10 players for a while but our defense should be good if not great.
On the offense, the hope I see for us is to be able to ice 6 players scoring 60 points: Plekanec, Eller, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Desharnais and Pacioretty.
Add two more players with 50 points: Bourque + X and this team will be able to be a top contender.

Two pieces will be needed to this puzzle:
A physical d-men for one or two years till Tinordi and Dietz can be ready;
A physical third liner who can do the job that was expected of Moen.
We have two years to get those two players including trade deadline of 2015.

With Prust and Moen fourth line players who are borderline third line I feel good.
They were both top-9 for TOI during the PO (Eller gone).

To those who are worried about size, I will answer: PK, Tinordi, Emelin, Pacioretty, Eller, Galchenyuk, Bourque, Moen and Prust are not small.

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