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Originally Posted by tbone87 View Post
Hey Guys,
I'm heading down to Ann Arbor for the Winter Classic on December 31st with a bunch of friends. We're staying right in Ann Arbor and were wondering what the best New Year's Eve Party would be in the area. It's pretty early but I thought I would ask in case we eventually need to get tickets for something.

We're all in our mid-20s and are looking for a a place with good beer and maybe a small dance floor for the ladies in the group (preferably not a full on club). Any suggestions would be appreciated!

*By the way, I'm pumped to have you guys back in the same division as the Leafs. Can't wait for the rivalry to be rekindled!
It's not going to be as lively since the university kids will be away for the Winter Break. Normally, you'd be able to find lots of bars, parties, etc., close to campus.

If you want nicer restaurants, head for Main Street right in downtown, the 3-4 blocks (inclusive) south of Huron St. Downtown State St is several blocks east, and that's where you have more of the student culture-- bars, restaurants, coffee shops, quick eats. It's not all on State St, but in/around the 2-3 blocks in all directions. Also, South University will have additional student-driven options.

The area by Briarwood Mall (where many of the hotels are located, just off I-94) has mostly chain restaurants and a couple sports bars. With a game this big, the egress and exits to the stadium will be tightly controlled from I-94 for the State St and Main St exits. Main is only In-bound before the game and Out-bound after. Many people park at the mall and shuttle in. If you're in the downtown area, you can avoid that mess, so just a head's up to plan accordingly.

Yes, it's great to be with the Leafs again. Wings fans have been looking forward to it, thrilled to be in the East as well. I think this will be the best Winter Classic ever.

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