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Originally Posted by Enoch
You asked me if it was sarcasm, and I responded. I'm sure you know my stance on the subject already. As for Fata, I hope that you know he could have been picked up on WAIVERS the samee year that you essentially trade Kovalev for him. Pittsburgh has had a long line of bad trades that began BEFORE they were bankrupt. What happened to Naslund, Zubov, Lang, Lalime? What do they have to show for them? A bad job of managing assets, and a terrible draft record has given Penguin fans an absolutely terrible team to watch this year. Whose job is it to do these two things? Whose job is it to manage the team finacially? Whose job is it to ice the team currently playing? Anyways, here is my post from another thread, that I felt outlined why I dislike craig patrick. Sorry this is so off-topic Smokey:
Yes we have been over this before and it still has nothing to do with the topic. You can feel any way you want about him but your still arent grasping the levity of the situation in Pittsburgh. Alot of those points are just plain false. I dont really know any other way to say it.
Such as...

Fata could have been had by any team on waivers. Guess could've Robert Lang and Dom Hasek. Was every GM at the time stupid for passing them up? And why did we need Fata then when we had Kovalev?
Also guess what. We couldnt have had Fata in the same year as we traded for him as he had played for the Rangers orginization for a year and three quarters of another before he was traded.
Know what else? Lang wasn't traded. CP (the blundering fool) picked him up off of waivers for nothing and he left via free agency.
Cp doesn't handle the finances in Pittsburgh.

My point is alot of things you say just arent the actual case. You do not know the exact situation yet speak as you do at times.
He isnt perfect, but to blame him for this mess is completely wrong.
Call it poor management if you'd like but you are misinformed as those of us who follow the situation know better than those of you that don't. I was in Pittsburgh for 6 years, I was at the courthouse the day Lemiux got the Pens, and listened to the terms of that deal.I have met and talked to Craig Patrick at good lengths several times. I know and am good friends with members of the orginization, who are alot more informed, and have thier finger on the pulse much better than you or I.
Craig makes mistakes, but the dismantling of the Pens was not one of them. It was a neccesity and for the life of me I cant figure out why you dont see that when almost everyone else does.

As for your other points, you name me one established GM who hasnt drafted a few busts, who havent made a few bad trades (and for every bad one CP made I can name two good ones he has made....if you want me to I will gladly do it), and whose team hasnt been bad at one point or another.

It is CP's job to ice the team but it isnt his job to handle the funds. Almost every GM has to answer to an owner when it comes to money.
As for the team he iced, you tell me what he is susposed to ice with an 18 million dollar payroll?
And ask yourself this...IF after the CBA the Pens start winning because of all these cost cutting moves will you admit you were wrong?
If you look at the team NOW without the mitigating circumstances (as you clearly are) and judge the performance of the GM as such,then you are, in my opinion, being extremely short sighted.

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