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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
as to your actual hockey related point, you are 100% correct... genetics gives you an opportunity but nobody is born with the ability to play a sport at an elite level
True, but I suspect that 90% of us who have an interest in sports are NOT born with the natural ability to play at an elite level. Most of us end our sporting careers in high school or adult beer leagues. We don't progress to professional sports for lack of effort or desire. We all dream of it. We just realize our limitations and focus on realistic goals. You have a handful of MVPs each year in high school sports at a particular school. That's 5 out of 100 kids at that particular school. Probably 1 in 10 of those MVP athletes, e.g. a high school conference, can advance to the minor league or D1 collegiate level. And how few of those players advance to the NHL, NFL, MLB, etc...? If a kid makes it to a D1 school or the minor leagues, they are busting their ass on and off the field. And still, very few of those kids make to the highest level in their particular sport. Why? I know there are a few exceptions, but the majority of these athletes giving it their all. So if they are training and practicing hours each day, why aren't they able to make to the next level?

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