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10-10-2006, 12:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Sicilian View Post
Money is a partial object because I'm always paying for two nights in a hotel in NY, but I'm looking around $100 a piece max if I can help it. I'll need two tickets, and they're playing the Bruins. I wanted to catch a game where they were playing somebody else (as I've seen the bruins play them quite a bit in beantown) but this was the only time I could get some significant time off of work around a weekend.

From the chart posted I think I might shoot for something between 313 and 331. If you're right and they shoot on the left side two out of three, I'd rather see more ranger offense, just in case I happen to catch a game where weekes makes the start.

Thanks for the advice guys! I've been a Ranger fan for about 14 years now (I know, I know, short compared to some of you) and I felt like it was finally time to make the pilgrimage. I'm looking forward to it!
You're correct--the area you're talking about (which actually runs from about the faceoff circle around the back of the goal when you're heading clockwise from sect313) is the side where the Rangers shoot twice. Fletch's old section 343 is on the other side of the rink where the Rangers defend twice. I sit in sect312 to I can vouch for at least some of those sections...

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