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10-10-2006, 12:17 AM
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Changes (3rd Pairing D/Useless Forwards/Backup Goaltender)

Out: Montador, Mezei
In: Jackman, Kwiatkowski

Martin needs to stop jerking around the 3rd pairing. Confidence can't be built by any of these guys if they are being shuffled in and out of the lineup. Mezei is a big slug of a tree. Trade him, demote him, waive him. He's useless in the faster NHL. Montador is barely a #6, has zero offensive upside, and is sort of tough. Jackman and Kwiatkowski are not only no worse on D than Mezei and Montador, but bring alot more on offense. Both have the speed to stay with the play and can even be used from time to time on the PP.

Out: Gelinas, Roberts, Olesz, Campbell
In: ?

There will be no more laughing at the likes of Jason Allison and Bobby Ryan: Gary Roberts is the slowest player in the league today. He is 40 years old. Aside from being Nieuwendyk's security blanket, I can't believe this organization couldn't upgrade the spot he occupies. Martin Gelinas isn't too far off. He isn't as dreadfully slow, but he doesn't really do anything well either.

The fact that Olesz is a regular and Campbell is the first called up on most occasions speaks less to their abilities and more to how low-quality our organizational depth is at the minor league levels and collection of prospects. Olesz and Campbell wouldn't even be ppg players in the AHL, but the fact is there is nothing keeping them OFF the NHL squad. Looking at our affiliates in the AHL, ECHL, and everyone we have drafted makes a fan sad. Frolik and Stewart are still a ways away from being regular NHL contributors, and that says alot about them as Panther prospects.

Out: Belfour
In: Anderson

The way Auld played against Toronto, in response to Martin's refusal to play Belfour against his old club despite cries from the Eagle, has me worried: Alex played so well that Jacques may well run him into the ground knowing that a worn out Auld is more effective than Belfour in any condition. Almost all teams today have a 2nd goalie who takes around 25-30 games minimum. With the explosion of quality goatending running 3-4 players deep in most organizations, the days of the 70-75 starts goaltender are going by the wayside. Craig Anderson, former OHL goaltender of the year, actually put up half-way decent numbers on some of the most putrid Chicago teams the NHL has even seen. Florida needs a goalie in here who can be relied on to make 20+ quality starts to help Auld make it through the season (and HOPEFULLY the playoffs). Anderson at 25 years of age, same as Auld and 16 years Belfour's junior, should at least be given a shot. He can certainly do no worse in his debut than the Eagle.

On a side note, anyone else find jokinen's play underwhelming? It's almost like he has handed the team over to bertuzzi and is gladly riding shotgun. He is our longterm forward centerpiece and is not playing like it.

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