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Originally Posted by TT1 View Post
Which is why we should start rebuilding right now. Our current roster can easily contend for the top 4-5 spots in the east but we'll never be a cup contender because our team isnt built right for the playoffs. The only high value assets we currently have are markov and plek, we can afford to part ways with both of them because they most likely wont play an integral part in the team by the time our younger players step into their main roles. We'll most likely finish 10-15th for the next 2-3 years which is obviously fine because we'll be stacking on high picks. Once we get past that we should have a solid cup contending team for several years to come, hopefully .
The time to tank and rebuild, ideally, was the 2012-2013 season. However, since Gallagher, Subban, and Galchenyuk exceeded expectations, we ended up finishing 2nd. If we were to tank during 2013-2014 and 2015-2016, we would be taking two steps back after having just taken a step forward.

With respect to Andrei Markov, we either re-sign him or we trade him. Right now the entire forum seems to believe Markov is garbage, I don't agree. I think he has declined from 1st pairing dman to 2nd pairing dman, but 2nd pairing dmen are still useful, he's still 1st pairing on the PP, and he was a little rusty and probably out of shape. I would certainly offer him 3 years @ 3.75 million.

If we trade him, it will be because both of Diaz and Beaulieu are exceeding expectations, and because the offer for Markov is satisfactory. We should not trade him for a pair of 2nd rounders. Alternatively, we might consider trading Diaz, and moving forward with Markov, Subban, and Beaulieu as our offensive dmen.

It is in no way a trivial decision.

The same is true of the Plekanec situation. It's not trivial, it's not obvious what to do. If we have Eller replace Plekanec as first unit of shutdown, that's a step down. We then have one of Dumont or Desharnais replace Eller as the shutdown unit, and that is an even bigger step down, we'll be giving up 5 or 6 goals per game. I think a vastly better option, is to have Plekanec be the 1st line center for all situations, have Galchenyuk be the 2nd line center on offense (with Desharnais as his winger), and Eller be the 2nd line center on defense. For us to even consider trading Plekanec, both of Galchenyuk and Eller need to show tremendous progress next year, a level of progress so vast that I honestly think they're unlikely to show. We would then need to receive a legitimate offer for Plekanec that is worth more than what Plekanec is worth to us if he spends the rest of his career here, at least a pair of 1st rounders.

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