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06-07-2013, 06:55 AM
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Originally Posted by KelownaRocketsFan View Post
I've got a question about the hockey stop. How did/do you learn it? I know how to skate, skate backwards, make crossovers and stuff but I never really knew how to stop. A few years ago (like 3 or so) I just started practicing it but without a real system. No I'm able to stop but only with my right foot on the inside- and the left foot on the outside-edge. I actually don't know how I finally learned it (just kinda taught myself). Still, I can't do it the other way round, I just can't do it. I watched tutorials on YouTube and stuff but it didn't help... Any advice?
What did help me were two key things: a proper skate sharpening (one LHS uses an automated rig - it screwed up every left skate.....) and the following thing: stand infront of the boards, rest your arms on the boards and then start "shaving" the ice with your skate-blades (pushing to the sides hard). Then, once you've learned what angles work for you, skate forward for a few strides, glide and try to do a hockey-stop on the inside-edge of the outside-skate only (lifting the inside up a few cm of the ice and only use it when you risk losing your balance). Try this with both legs till you feel secure stopping with one leg only. Then progress by using keeping the outside-edge of the inside-skate on the ice as-well for the stops and start putting weight on them, slowly increase the amount of weight you put on the inside-skate. This progression really helped me when I was starting out, now stops aren't a problem on any side.

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