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01-06-2004, 03:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Laches
We need to come up with a name for the awfulness the Rangers display in January each year. The Annual Ankle-Grab? The Halfway Holiday Hangover? Glen Sather and Co.'s Month Off?

Here's another thing, I want anyone of the Sather apologists who have been maintaining that things were so bad here when Sather took over that there's no way he could have gotten any success out of the team in only three years to take a look at what Darryl Sutter has done with the Calgary Flames and tell me that again. He took over a team that is the only one in the NHL with a current non-playoff streak longer than the Rangers and hasn't won a playoff series in nearly fifteen years, and which is one of the most cash-strapped teams in the league, and he has them turned around in less than a full season after taking over. Don't tell me it couldn't be done when others have done it elsewhere.
Here is the Official Rangers Calendar:

September - December: Regular Season
January - March: Off-Season
April - June: Golf-Season
July - August: Playoffs

And the activities during each section:
Regular Season: Show glimpses of talent, hang around .500 to prove that the team is righting the ship...for good....again.
Off-Season: "Nah, we win on paper so why even bother to show up..." and go out to buy some golf equipment.
Golf-Season: Do what you do best and watch some real hockey on TV
Playoffs: The season when management bids against themselves in a "Best Of 7 Ludicrous Offers" series for the available free agents.


I'll say the same thing about Calgary. They have actually gone and improved, unlike the Rangers. They haven't dished out on Names and loaded up on paper. They have built a system and selected the players that fit that system. But as always, the Rangers have to do it the other way around.....

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