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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Career perception of him being clutch or a "playoff goalie". He's not. Non-NHL playoffs, NHL playoffs, international competition, he cannot be trusted. A peak here, a peak there, just more of the same for a wishy-washy career. Even the very playoffs that we cling to with him was laced with inconsistency throughout, nearly ending the whole "cute story" thing dead in its tracks in the first round.
Yeah, Price playing great in the first round was a direct result of Thomas' inability to be consistent, apparently.

Are you seriously trying to claim that the guy with a career 0.933 save percentage in the playoffs is a bad playoff goalie?

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Not how the game is coached, played or evaluated. Basically each game is broken down by the team into 5 or 10 minute segments from start to finish with variations.

A close tp flat line .abc SV% across all segments is more desirable or valuable than a roller coaster version.
That would be nice if it were possible, but perceptions of "consistency" amongst goalies seems to be mostly illusory.

Also, wouldn't that end up making shutouts sort of a "negative" stat? I mean, if one goalie's got 10 and the other 0, it's probable the former stops more pucks, but if you have two goalies with identical save percentages (and GP), the one with more shutouts would be "less consistent."

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