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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
Valid questions. I don't think that's how the team looks come the season opener, it's just a scenario I threw out and I agree with your questions, they're the right things to be asking.

I still think DZ goes at the draft for a top-6 winger, so that bumps Kreider. However, I do think in a new system Kreider will absolutely excel. Torts was trying to make him Hagelin. Kreider is not Hagelin. Their only similarity is their speed, that's it.

Lindberg has been playing in a men's league since 09-10. If he comes to NA, which it is believed he will AFAIK, I think he will absolutely impress. His faceoff skill and two-way play alone might get him a shot to open the season on the Rangers third line. Of course this is a very optimistic view though.

I do think though that you would be hardpressed to find any team out there without a single concern.
I continue to think that the scapegoating and vitriol thrown at Torts masked some of the very real personnel issues this team has - both when it comes to top-end talent and depth.

The roster you'd be happy with next year does not look like a championship team to me. In order to think it is, it requires some huge leaps of faith that players will grow under a new system. Something tells me, at the end of next season, I'll still be complaining about the roster construction - like I have since the Renney days - and others will be chastising the new coach...again. We shall see.

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