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06-07-2013, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Falco Lombardi View Post
When we are complaining about the 35th pitchers on the depth chart, team is pretty good.

Rosenthal, Mujica, Maness, and Butler all pitched 2 innings the night before. Joe Kelly obviously started. Choate was used already.

I'm wondering how deep you reasonably expect the Cards bullpen to be

The first 6 guys that would come out of the pen were unavailable.

There used to be a saying that you win 50 games, you lose 50 games and what happens in the other 60 determine your season. Last night was one of those 50. Team was wore out and needed a rest. It happens.

If anything should be said about last night, it was how Joe Kelly accomplished exactly what the Cardinals needed and Matt Carpenter continues to be awesome.
It's not so much that I expect them to be any deeper. It's just frustrating to watch bums like Cleto and Marte throw games away. It's bad when you see their name come up in the bullpen and think to yourself, well there goes that game. I don't really understand why those two are still with the organization. Cleto especially. He's been bad at every level and we keep pushing him up the ladder.

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