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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
What I don't understand is why "Amateur" scouting is considered undrafted free agents that could theoretically be playing in "Professional" leagues like ECHL, AHL, SEL, Swiss A, KHL, etc.

It makes 0 sense to me. Just because these leagues aren't of NHL-calibre play doesn't mean they aren't professional. The players get paid in most of them (IDK about the ECHL), so how can it be considered "Amateur" scouting.
There's an overlap between 'amateur scouting' and 'professional scouting' for sure. As CP said, if your amateur scout watches Frolunda in the Swedish Elite League to scout Collberg and notices a 27 year old playing on the team who might make a good free agent signing, of course they're going to pass the word along to the pro scouts. And if they like him and he gets signed and turns into a good NHLer for you, in that situation I guess you would give the amateur scout 'credit' for unearthing a pro player.
I'm sure the situation works in reverse too (a pro scout going to watch the 27 year old and a prospect like Collberg catching his eye), but maybe it would be less common since scouting young players requires more specialization and projection than scouting players who are likely at or close to their max potential.

But considering most of your free agents are signed from other NHL teams, I think that's why pro scouting is generally understood to be the scouting of pro players currently playing in the NHL.

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