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Playoff Goalies

Originally Posted by GuineaPig View Post
Yeah, Price playing great in the first round was a direct result of Thomas' inability to be consistent, apparently.

Are you seriously trying to claim that the guy with a career 0.933 save percentage in the playoffs is a bad playoff goalie?

That would be nice if it were possible, but perceptions of "consistency" amongst goalies seems to be mostly illusory.

Also, wouldn't that end up making shutouts sort of a "negative" stat? I mean, if one goalie's got 10 and the other 0, it's probable the former stops more pucks, but if you have two goalies with identical save percentages (and GP), the one with more shutouts would be "less consistent."
Find such a pairing of goalies in NHL history then we will examine and discuss the question.

As for your .933 SV% playoff goalie there are issues that have to be addressed.

The impact of the .067 shots that are goals.

Skewed to the start of the game, first five or ten minutes, balanced against the impact of the first goal in a playoff game and winning. Home and road splits, etc.

Key goals vs other goals. NHL teams have their own definitions - see Tor/Bos game 7 this year for an illustration how this works and the value of the key saves Rask made at 1-4 and 2-4.

Overtime. How is the cumulative .933 SV% impacted by overtime performance. Does the overtime SV% raise or lower the metric to .933?

As for shutouts being a "negative stat", using your 10 : 0 playoff ratio. Playoff games are played to win. Impossible to lose a shutout. A 10 win edge would require a lot of mitigation over the course of a playoff career.

Hendrik Lundqvist has played 67 career playoff games. Despite 8 shutouts his record is 30 W - 37 L. Unless a case may be supported that with zero shutouts he would have more wins and fewer loses the value of shutouts should carry the day.

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