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06-07-2013, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Brick Top View Post
It's tough to nail down exactly what the Wings were offering Hossa after his season with them- seems to have been in the neighborhood of $45M or so over 10 years. Assuming that's correct, or close to being right, then the Hawks offer of $63M over 12 years was much better. I don't think he'd have much earning power if he was to complete the 10 year deal with the Wings and then hit the market at age 39 or 40.

I laugh when I read Wings fans or media/bloggers call his 1 year deal with Detroit as a "mercenary" contract. I thought it was pretty ballsy on his part. He reportedly turned down a $5M/7 year deal from the Pens to sign with Detroit, and a $9M/multi-year deal from the Oilers, so he was taking a huge risk with a 1 year deal signed in his prime- one Matt Cooke headshot or a blown ACL and he's out $50M+.

I'm sure he hoped the 1 year Wings contract could turn into a multi-year deal but they didn't compete with Chicago's offer. After the risk he took with the 1 year deal, I don't see why he should have felt compelled to take less $$ to stay in Detroit, or why the Wings would expect it. He probably took stock of the Wings and Hawks rosters and immediate futures, and went with the team with the better Cup chances (he got that one right) that also happened to pay him a sizable amount more $$. I agree with you that he didn't even break the bank with his Hawks deal either- seems like he could have pulled a larger deal given his skill level, production, and being in his prime.
for some reason, I keep thinking the cap hit thrown around for the wings deal was for 12 years, but I'm probably getting it confused with Franzen's deal. And after a handful of links not turning up anything on a quick google, I just don't have the interest in mining for it right now. Needless to say that I agree,though. I don't see how he owed us anything, and the oiler deal was I thought 9/$81m. It was a ridiculously huge deal to leave on the table, and a big chance to take to sign with Detroit for a year.

I think the wings were just hoping they could sell Hossa on taking less to preserve depth, and maybe his under valuing the market slightly. Of course, it should be noted that chicago was a perfect storm for adding him and having a bunch of depth signed to cheap deals just before that first group of theirs hit bigger RFA/UFA deals. If the Hossa thing happens to us a season or two earlier, and we probably find room to give him a bit more per season while still keeping the crew together for a couple of years before purging in a similar way that chicago purged.

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