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Originally Posted by Punxrocknyc19 View Post lets hope he can be another Savard for us, but hopefully wont be traded although he has some value and it wouldnt shock me if he was for the right deal.. wish he was a bit bigger and meaner.. i wish NYR had a Lucic or Bergeron type player in the system.. Rangers need to update their grit and size in their prospects. the Rangers have too many small skilled type players like Thomas Bourque, St.Croix, Fasth etc.. most of the NYR forward scoring prospects on the Wolfpack are small.. im really hoping that Andrew Yogan can be our Gregory Campbell in the future.. he does have potential.
Very true statement about our skill players lacking size.

By the way,the Bruins picked Bergeron #45(2nd rd) in 2003 and Lucic #50?(2nd rd in 2006) and we don't have one player even remotely close to either one of them.

Bergeron is the best 2 way player in hockey and is a vastly underated superstar; Lucic is the prototypical power forward.

Also, don't forget they picked Marchand at #73?(3rd rd) also in 2006 and we have nobody like him either. Nearly every player on the Bruins has size and all of them play with a chip of their shoulders!

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