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06-07-2013, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
It's a gamble. I'm certainly not trying to imply that our kids are a guarantee, but I'd like to stick with the people who really come through for us on a regular basis. It's always been my belief that players you develop from within have an intangible quality that you just don't get with free agents -- older ones in particular. If you gave a kid his first shot in the NHL, he can give you an extra gear that many other players cannot reach deep enough for. It's not quantifiable, but it's there.

I'm not advocating the nuclear option of trading Lundqvist, at least not yet. What I'm saying is that bringing in talent from the outside hasn't been as effective as what we've done from within. I'd like to stick with that strategy, for the most part at least, this summer. If Hank says he doesn't buy into it and wants out, then trade him. That's his prerogative.

I don't think this team is that far away. Perhaps it's me holding our prospects in higher regard than they deserve, but I think we're close. If you trade Del Zotto for a scoring forward, that gives us 3 top-six forwards in Nash, Callahan, and "player X." Between Hrivik, Kreider and Fast, we should be able to get at least one scoring forward from that group for the 4th top-six winger. Between Miller and Lindberg, I think one of them should win the 3rd line center spot this fall. I think a RH, offensive defender can be attained from a group that includes McBain, Ellis, Elliot, Barrie, Murphy, Vatanen, etc. Two shrewd trades and two kids making it out of camp isn't a monumental mountain to climb. If it works, I think this team can be just as successful next season as it was this season, but more importantly, it would have the potential to continue to grow together as a unit, and not a collection of individuals.

Maybe I've been let down so many times by this franchise and I'm so ready for change that I'm being overly optimistic; but I just think we're ready for this kind of thinking. Ready to give the youth a real shot. The UFA market is garbage. Let the kids play.
Good post, and I agree for the most part.

Whats sad is, after all this time, I dont even really have a strong preference for how the organization should go about their roster construction. I just want them to pick an approach, commit to it, and see it through.

So many things have been done half-assed under Sather's tenure.

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