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06-07-2013, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
Have the guts?? We have the gm with the biggest balls of any in the NHL. You know why he doesn't pull the trigger, because it makes no sense to do it. You rarely see teams trade potential for potential. Generally you see established for potential++. Couts for a prospect defenseman would be the dumbest asset management. Defenseman take longer to develop and also have a much higher bust rate. Why trade our best defensive forward who still has an high offensive ceiling for someone who will more than likely bust even if our FO likes him.

Look everyone understands the flyers need defenseman in their prospect pool. It's no secret, but when you start reaching for players because of a need, you make bad picks. Then when those players don't develop like everyone wants them to, people get mad we took him there. You need to go best player to ensure the best chance the player has to succeed.
You are right. I corrected my post.
I was not thinking clearly when I submitted it.
I do not think we should trade Couturier for a defensive prospect,
that might not become top four defenseman.

I would be in favor of trading Coots for an established top offensive defenseman.

Laughton is a different situation, its prospect for prospect if we trade him.

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