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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Thats true, america eats up overzealous and boisterous acts of celebration (in my mind total stupidity, youll see a guy dancing in the endzone after scoring a td in the 4th quarter when his team is down 45-20) and as much as some of the media says its "wrong" or "not sportsmanlike" it doesnt matter because its what sells, and thats the bottom line.

IF the NHL and Gary reaaaallly wanted to market this game and cut corners to make this game "must see tv" they could do some outlandish things like mandate cheerleaders/icedancers for each team, lower the infractions on fighting, encourage excessive celebrations and set off fireworks after each goal on the sides of the rink like wrestling matches do. Thats what america wants, to have there eyes entertained by meaningless flash, archaic scintillation and boobs.

Everyone knows thats not hockey and is much much more pure than that.
I am thousands of miles away, so take my opinion for what its worth. But I think you are wrong.

What you describes is what the US public gets, I don't think that is what they want!
If that is what they wanted, the kids would choose to follow the NBA instead of Survivor and Paris Hilton...

Or maybe not the kids, but its the battle of the kids who the NBA and other sports seems to try to win. Give up the fight for thoose who want that stuff, and just create a good product. To my knowledge, analogy, in showbiz its products like Seinfeld, Friends, ER and Sopranos who gets most viewers. Not the P. Hilton or reality shows.

In sports in the US there aren't a real Friends or ER. Not like soccer in England. Hockey have the potential to have that quality, maybe not reach that hight nationally, but in big areas.

I think good sport products appeal a entire nation, all people, like soccer in England for example. Right now I have three proffesors in school, all three are huge hockeyfans. Because a good sports product attracts everyone, there are so many aspects that you can sell. There seems to be a big majority of casual sports fans in the US, fans that jumps from sport to sport, goes with the wind, I think 80% of the population in England would be described as die hard fans of soccer gooing by the US scale.

Thats why I think it ought to be in the medias best interest to do everything to sell the game, not kick on it!

Cause hockey is a very good product.

I am 100% sure that the reason Hockey aren't as big in the US as the other sports are tradition! Hockey aren't as easy to pick up, hockey don't have the history that baseball have, on the same subject comes the climate, in big parts of the US kids can't play outside ect.

What the NHL needs to do is have patient. They need to find a mix where they grow steadily over a long period of time, build up a grassroot ect.

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