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Originally Posted by Epictetus View Post
This only makes sense if Kessel intends to explore free agency. Then the title, "Maple Leafs should trade Phil Kessel" becomes less prone to a critique. I don't think anyone would deny that.

I was previously in the "If Kessel wants too much, trade him" camp. But after this post-season, and seeing his continued improvement throughout his time here, he is worthy of top dollar. I would now much rather get him signed long-term than trade him.

However, for discussion sake, if we assume that Kessel wants to explore free agency, and the logical option then becomes to trade him (i.e., you don't want to lose a prime asset for nothing), then I wonder what the market price will be for Kessel.

I think perhaps instead of tearing apart this article, we should be pondering that question. Maybe if Feschuk worked his article from this angle, it would be more convincing.
Well put, and its what is worthy of discussion.

Money, term and cap hit and future contribution are things that Nonis will be weighing towards keeping or what he could obtain in exchange in trade.

Kessel increased his trade value based on playoff performance by exercising the doubt that surrounded his previous struggles verses Boston. In fact he also likely solidified his future in Toronto and increased his $$ expectancy in turn.

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