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06-07-2013, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
true, again though, i personally feel the first step is for Management to decide...ok, this is what kind of ateam we want to be...the Boston Bruins 2.0 or something...then, go get a coach who can coach that kind of a team and who wants to work with what kind of a system.
I'm not sure that management can really do that and that's one of my biggest gripes with them. Every move seems to be made in a vacuum with out any thought about how it might effect the team. Look at the timeline:

Spring 2012: "We are having trouble scoring in the playoffs"

July 24, 2012: "Yay! We traded for Rick Nash. Now we will have two top scorers!"

February 2013: "Oh no, we have no depth!"

Arpil 4, 2013: "Ok, so we traded Gaborik. Now we have depth! Yay!:

May 2013: "Oh no! We're having trouble scoring in the playoffs...:

May 29, 2013: "Torts...about that you returning next season thing...."

I agree there needs to be some sort of organizational philosophy. But this management seems incapable of deciding one. This team was built for Torts and now he's gone.

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