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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I think you are really over emphasizing Couturier's play under emphasizing the play of the defense. Couturier is #1 defensive forward. No argument here. But I think you are overstating his greatness. I'm not saying he isn't good. I am not saying the guy that replaces him will be better or even as good. What I am saying is that there are a number of competent third line centers that could be signed or traded for or may even be in this very organization (Laughton, perhaps). Those guys are not going to be as good as Couturier. I agree. 100% not claiming they will. Not insinuating they will. They won't be. Worst case scenario, his replacement is average. Let's say a guy like Darrol Powe (not suggesting they get him, but just a guy that is of that skill set that most people are aware of). Powe was good on defense. I'd rate him as a solid defender. Can play PK and can take the heat defensively. Is he as good as Couturier? Not a chance. Would I be nervous with a player like Darrol Powe as the 3C and on the PK unit because he is not Couturier? No, I would not, especially when you factor in that there would be a pretty substantial upgrade on the blueline.

Of course, if the Flyers have to give up Couturier and something of value for this hypothetical defender, and they were to replace Couturier with some scrub on the third line, that would be a different story.
Who will be this substantial upgrade on defense? As good as Couturier is, he's not worth any of the #1 Dmen in the league on his own, not the sort of guy we'd need to fix all our defensive woes and cover for the loss of we're looking to pay a lot. However, he's certainly worth more to this team than a #2-4 guy. Is it really worth it? I really don't think it is.

I think what it comes down to is that trading for a #1 simply is not the path to success at this point. Patience, for once, is something the organization should give a shot. Who knows, maybe it'll work. Making drastic changes year after year certainly hasn't.

Edit: This all reminds me of the people who poo-pooed the loss of Richards' and Carter's defensive skill. The team ended up being noticeably worse on D, and Couturier is the one guy who really held the dam up on that front. we want to get rid of him? What do we suppose will happen then?

Edit 2: As I've been saying, look at Cup winning teams. They all have someone like Couturier. He's one of the pieces this team needs if they want to win anything. Trading him to get another one of those pieces doesn't really take us closer to the end's a sideways step at best.

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