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10-10-2006, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
No, that is what it means to YOU. My contention is that teams spend whatever cash flows they can afford. You cannot hide the fact that the Mets spending increased once new revenue flows started to come in. Wilpon decided to spend more. Next year, with more cash under their belt, the spending will only increase. Comparing what the Mets expoit and what the Yankees exploint are not an argument. If the Mets could have, they would have. Now they can, so they will.
TB, here's the difference in terms of money spent. Wilpon does not wish to get hit with the luxury tax; therefore he may increase payroll, but he won't cross that threshold. That's part of why both Cameron and Benson were dealt. The Mets most likely will sign 1 free agent, but, most likely, it will be in ratio to the contracts coming off the books, because, again, Wilpon does not wish to cross the threshold into paying the luxury tax. OTOH, Steinbrenner has no regard for crossing that threshold.

As for the money spent, the Mets have regularly been in the top ten of payroll throughout the past decade. Unfortunately, unlike now, they have not spent it wisely.

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