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10-10-2006, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by jagrgodr View Post
I think the sport is deffinitly marketable, and fans can do alot to help. If you can edit video, go make a movie on your favorite team or a general hockey movie and upload it to youtube. Have alot of great hits, alot of deeks and amazing goals, put rap / hip-hop music to it so you can appeal to the younger people. Hell you can even upload a video you already have to youtube.
It is interesting you mention adding rap/hip-hop music to these videos you speak of. That may be one of the greatest divides in the young public and hockey compared to football and basketball. Over the past 30 years certain music genres have intertwined with specific sports, especially rap/hip-hop and football and basketball. Not to say that some football players and fans dont listnen to heavy metal but i would tend to think that the hip-hop lifestyle has been courted by todays youth and therefore linked to perception of the image of football and basketball.

This is an interesting sociological item to look into for the NHL, though im not convinced they would go in that direction to market their sport by any means... but its that divide, that gap that could be closed a little if somehow there was something presented in common with that demographic and image.

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