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Originally Posted by bigbuffalo313 View Post
So what if they blew it up. Teams blow it up all the time and they still don't improve. The lockout didn't make them any better. Also the franchise thing is not comparable, but it didn't happen so by your logic it could not have possibly happen.
Your reading comprehension needs a ton of work, and this is some of the most blatant examples of straw-manning I've read in this sub-forum.

Saying that the 05-13 Rangers would suck because the 04 and before Rangers did, when those teams had completely different players and coaches (sans 20 games of Renney at the end of 04) is completely and utterly nonsensical.

Moving on, I never said it was impossible, I'm saying between his statistical comparables (Smith and Quick, who each played five more games) and the history of his career, it is incredibly likely that his league-leading save percentage is driven down to even/slightly below his competition, and given the popularity of that stat, the entire Vezina narrative last year changes. All of a sudden, Quick is posting "better" numbers on the second worst offensive team in the league, while Smith is doing the same while facing a bunch more shots.

And yes, your Kings/Devils anecdote is equally nonsensical and terrible.

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