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06-07-2013, 03:08 PM
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I hit up another open skate this week and worked on my hockey stop. It is coming along. Edge control is very touchy. I am 205lbs and they gave me a 1/2" hollow, not sure if that is a good place to start or not.
I also had my first real game in over 14 years last night lol. It was roller hockey though. Full sized rink, but we had to play 4v4 because the other team didnt have enough guys. Holy hell was I gassed at the end of the game! I have been doing open skates on ice, and puck shoots in roller, but nothing gets you in game shape like games do. Having to skate in response to someone elses decisions really takes alot more out of you!
Right now I will only be playing 1 game a week in my roller league, so I would like to get more game time in to get myself in better shape. The ice rink near me has an stick n puck this Sunday, I have all my gear, except for pants, so I think I am going to pick up a pair and go to the stick n puck. Hopefully there will be a decent amount of open ice and I can work on some skating with full gear on.
It is frustrating because my skating ability on ice is way past my stopping ability. I can crossover front and backward, cut tight circles in both directions...etc. Just cant stop on a dime. I have also been shooting/passing a roller puck for years, so I am hoping it wont be too bad of a transition to an ice puck. Just need to get the stopping down!

My rink has open hockey clinics for adults every mon/fri and open scrimmage every tue/thur... so if I can get my stopping down I will have alot of opportunity for some good hard skating and game time.

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