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Originally Posted by ABasin View Post
Does it though? I mean, lots of guys say lots of things all game long, and I don't think a stare from any player is going to matter that much. They'll keep talking, and hitting, etc. Perhaps Bordeleau standing there would keep a guy like Shawn Thornton from going with a more part-time fighter like, say, Wilson or something. That I can see. But those moments don't come terribly often, do they?

I do understand the rationale behind it, and part of me believes it perhaps means something. But in today's game, line matchups really dictate that Bordeleau is going to largely be playing against other teams' 4th lines, and that means in large part, the other enforcer will be on the ice. So that's who he's going to go with. I mean, just look at all of those videos you put up there. How many of Bordeleau's opponents are not 4th line tough guys?

In addition, if you look at who really takes runs at top players, it's largely a handful of good but punkish guys (who are good enough to play on the first two lines) you see all of the time - Marchand, Dustin Brown, Clutterbuck, Laperriere, etc. It's not really the fighters so much. They're largely not out there when the Avs 1st line guys are. When's the last time you saw any of them - the punkish guys, I mean - take on Parros, or Bordeleau, or McGratton, or Thornton, etc? And when's the last time you saw them appreciably change their play? They play the way they play.
The proof was in the pudding last year when Olver laid out their star rookie Tarasenko. The Blues were screaming at him when he went back to the bench, including Stewart. Bordy stood up and started yelling at their bench and told them if anyone touches Olver, he'll go after them, and their star players.

What happened? Nothing. Stewart and the Blues shut the hell up, and there were no fights, or even penalties the rest of the 3rd period, and there were no fights in the back to back games at the end of the year after that either.

Say what you will about enforcers but they do settle things down. No one has a crystal ball, but I would hazard a guess things might have been at least a little different if Bordy hadn't been there to do that.

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