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Originally Posted by Adam Tilander View Post
He's either extremely smart or he's actually graduating high school in two years. Do you think he'd actually play in Quebec outside of the QMJHL for 2 more years, graduate high school, and then go to NCAA or USHL? That'll pretty much eliminate any NHL potential he had lol

Creativity brings up an excellent point. NCAA was 100% a bluff if he's simply not willing to go to the Maritimes, going to USA is a worse option if his reason is now he doesn't want to take a distance coarse to learn in french.
Well, if he finishes school in Québec after next season, he doesn't need to do any type of distance learning.
He could just head to prep school or the USHL like plenty of other kids to play at a higher level and get any additional credits required to meet NCAA requirements.

Originally Posted by proam16 View Post
High school in Quebec is is finished at grade 11. Then the cegep program starts - which can be a 2 year college preparatory program or a 3 year technical program. So if one were to take the 2 year college prep route at cegep - your university program is 3 years as opposed to 4 years. Long story short - he needs one more year of Quebec high school - not 2.

it would/could be a wasted year of development for him to play another year of MD AAA. Not easy leaving home at play hockey in a strange city. pretty sure the kid speaks no english. most kids from the regions in quebec do not speak any english. just like the maritimers and americans speak no french.
Thanks, I wasn't exactly sure how the school system worked in Québec.

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