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06-07-2013, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
1) What available forward can match Couturier's defense?
I thought I have made it abundantly clear in pretty much every single one of my posts that I am 100%, unequivocally, not saying that someone will be here next year that would be as good or better than Couturier. I know there will be a downgrade at 3C.

2) What can you do to disprove all the statistics that show Yandle is a very sheltered Dman who has been kept out of difficult defensive situations? Up until this point Yandle has done nothing to show he's great defensively. From what I can tell he's Carle with a harder shot, which isn't something I'd trade Couturier+ for.
Maybe I haven't seen these stats you are talking about because from what I have seen from him, and the stats that I have seen from him show that he is a top pairing defender. What stats are you talking about? Also, as I have said, I am not suggesting we bet the farm on Yandle and trade a ton for him. Once again, in nearly all of my posts I have said that if the deal was Couturier + something of value, I WOULD NOT make the trade. Are you even reading my posts or do you just see the words "trade," "Couturier," and "Yandle" and just make up the rest?

The way I see it, this move very clearly makes the team worse defensively. Possible offensively as well, depening on who else goes with Coots. And, we have a goalie who has shown he's utterly incapable of bailing out an average defense, I don't want to know what he looks like behind a downright bad D.
I don't see it that way, but again, this really isn't something you can quantify for a number of reasons. Couturier is a center, Yandle is defender. We don't know who would be going along with Couturier. We don't know who would be replacing Couturier. In a couple months if things go down, we would have a better idea and the argument could really be fleshed out more. At this point, its nothing more than my opinion vs. yours.

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