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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
My FULL ND list:

Now, it’s mostly about the fact that I don’t want them based on where they are suppose to go.

• He won’t there….but there’s just no way I’d move up for a guy like Nikita Zadorov. Might be around the first d-men that is drafted but mark my words, there will be much better d-men than him that goes after. No need to move up to get something close much later.
• No to Zack Fucale; No Quebec born goaltending unless you go with a underrated guy. But no need for the pressure to see a Fucale coming in Montreal. Don,t want him even if he’s coming from my place in Rosemere. We’ll see you elsewhere Zach.
Kerby Rychel: Why am I not convince he’d translate well in the bigs? Skating issue? Decision making….speed he needs to think the game through…I won’t panic if we draft him….I’m just not convince enough there won’t be better players. Honestly….I wouldn’t pick him with our first pick…. An excellent garbage man but not sure I want to spend our first pick for him.
Nick Sorensen, okay…of course…if he falls in the 7th round, I’ll pick him. But we all know that he won’t. I don’t want him in the 2nd. And probably won’t want him in the 3rd….so we don’t have a 4th and 5th. But at worst, he goes in the 3rd. Maybe even in the 2nd. Just not interested.
Justin Bailey. Wasn’t impressed every game I saw him play. Though he was really waiting for things to happen. Good complementary player, but I would be wanting more for at least our first 3 picks…maybe even 4 picks. Could still pay off though, so like all my others ND….those are soft ones.
Anthony Duclair: My “bet” would be that he will see his ceiling real soon. Never was a Duclair fan though….a whole lot about the small legs going really really fast…but that’s about it for me.
Ryan Pulock, Jason Dickinson, Nic Petan, Steven Santini…Just before WTK bashes me…I want to say that this is just because, for me, it would be incredibly unsexy for our 1st pick. Doesn’t mean it won’t pay off later, I agree. And after the 1st pick, I’m with that for anybody on that list.
Rinat Valiyev….No need for another Russian scenario especially with what he did to his USHL team…
Nicolas Brouillard….way too many things ahead physically to ever be considered as a potential NHL’er. Note though that I once thought the same for Stéphane Robidas and Jared Spurgeon….That’s how great I am….
Daniel Nikandrov….Just don’t think he has what it takes to move up in the next stages. Mind you…if he’s the in the bottom rounds….you do have to consider him. But type of player that you wonder if he’ll be able to put it together.
J.C. Lipon…clearly not the same type of case than Pearson was last year. At least as far as I’m concerned. It’s more, as overager, the analysis you have as far as where’s the ceiling for those players and have they reached it yet. Tough analysis especially when you don’t have the luxury to see them a lot live….But since we have to have opinions….I’d say that I’m not too enclined to select him.
Avery Peterson….seen great reports of him…and then saw him and just don’t see what others are seeing. Bad skating technique, just not fast in his decisions, in his skating and so on. Such a long long way from the NHL….can’t wait too long…life is short.

Mind you, this year, nobody fits in the category of I DON’T WANT HIM AT ALL, I’LL CRY IF WE PICK HIM….so that’s a SOFT Full ND list…

Sorry guys…awful long post, as it’s always the case…every freakin year. And for some who don't like to not see their favorite prospect....I love them all this year. Wouldn't like to be in Timmins say the least.
Disagree on Bailey but agree on Rychel. I wasn't impressed at all and I will be mad if that's our 1st pick.

GJ on the list though! That must have taken a long time to type and even longer time to research.

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