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10-10-2006, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Grave77digger View Post
Our refs just started allowing lifting the stick again after calling it strictky the past 3 weeks. Now its ok to have your stick lifted stright up in the air above your head... cant we find a happy medium and stick to one standard
If a forward is going to allow the D to lift his/her stick over their head in the slot, why should there be a penalty. The coaches need to teach their forwards not to allow it to happen. I have seen enough games where kids are more interested in battling in front of the net instead of being smart and spinning out and re-positioning themselves. Teaching a kid to try to hold his ground with the D all over his/her stick is teaching his player to loose focus on getting free and in position. In the instance where a kid is constantly lifting sticks over their heads in an effort to stick check will quickly learn not to by a few trips to the penalty box, heck even the coach may wake up. Just by lightening up the grip on your stick will send it flying the next time the D tries to lift it. A stick flying through the air will definetly catch the eye of the most blind official, if they don't see it, he will hear the parents point it out. if a coach is hell bent on teaching his players to hold there ground and keep their stick on the ice will teach them to lean on it. It is pretty difficult to clear out a forward that is strong on their edges and leaning on their stick. If a forward leans on the stick, with their edges firmly in place not even the stongest coach and lift his stick.

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