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Originally Posted by SOLR View Post
So, there is really no valid argument against drafting Fucale. (And I won't be surprised if we do.)

You really can't build an argument using the absolutely vague "hometown pressure". Pressure is handled differently by every player. You surely all liked the way Roy handled it(93 anyone?).
  • Fact is, nobody know how Fucale will handle it in the bigs. Yes Thibault couldn't, yes Theodore couldn't, Price can't seem to, Huet... my point: hometown or not, goaltenders who can handle it in the NHL, in any city, makes it. Pittsburgh doesn't seem to be much better for Fleury...or Lalime in Ottawa or etc. etc.
  • You are evaluating this situation from the viewpoint of our last 10-15 years. Who knows how our past goaltenders would have performed without the need to be excellent night-in night-out because of often very bad defensive(and overall) talent. Good goaltenders are often made by good teams. Lets just say: it's been a very long time since this team could be evaluated as Stanley cup caliber talent-wise. If this changes they way you draft and why, you will keep losing, simple as that.
  • Nobody really can deny that goaltenders is one of our worse position in talent depth (maybe with RW). (Btw I'm taking Burakowsky before Fucale, but they are both in my top 20 selection list.)
Primarily agree, there's a lot of "pressure" mumbo jumbo and cliches that are constantly thrown around here that are used as excuses when players under perform. I think it's bogus. That being said, I have a lot of faith in Price and think he just needs some more time to develop his game. Hopefully the new coach helps that.

However, I'm taking De La Rose before Burakowsky as I don't think Burakowsky's capable of putting it all together in the NHL to act as an offensive forward. I think he's a long-shot prospect and I have a lot more faith in De La Rose to not only be a top-6 player but an NHL player. Burakowsky's play isn't pretty, it just looks that way.

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