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06-08-2013, 07:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Barbara Underhill View Post
"The guy behind the bench is a roadblock to success." - Henrik Lundqvist
So who cares? Players quit responding to him, time to replace him.

Also isn't that true with pretty much every big decision in life? Never knowing how things will end up?

Not entirely sure the point of this thread, but you seem annoyed that people have been speculating on a forum built off speculating.
Is there a source for that quote? Seems to be a lot of people putting words into the mouths of players lately (especially Hanks).

Pretty strange to think how Lundqvist was gushing over the "best coach in the world" during his Vezina speech less than a year ago to leading a coup today. It just doesn't add up.

Need some concrete evidence what actually happened before we can sit there and say for sure it was the players that revolted on him. And no, random blogs and interwebs musing are not evidence.

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