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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
So, is Carlyle a good coach?
You missed my point. I'm not making the contention that Carlyle is a good coach because toronto took boston to 7 games. I merely used that as an example of how baseless your suggestion was that Torts was not to be blamed because Pittsburgh lost in 4.

You looked at a result and assumed the cause without examining all the other variables. That would be like me going outside and dancing, 10 minutes later it starts raining, and I conclude that my dancing made it rain.

There are perfect rosters. Islanders and Edmonton and Montreal have all had perfect rosters at one time.
No, they didn't. To have perfect rosters, you must have perfect players. To have perfect players you must have perfect people. There are no perfect people. Everyone makes mistakes. Those teams just happened to be good enough to make less mistakes than their opponents, or to overcome any mistakes they did made.

When was our coach and roster working well together? Is your point that the players didn't like the coach? Who cares. America won its most famous Olympic gold medal under a coach they despised.
I'd say last year they were working pretty well together. About as well as could be hoped.

How long did Herb Brooks coach those players? Less than a full year. That's basically 1 season in NHL terms. He was also dealing with a bunch of kids who had never played professionally before. Torts was here for 4 seasons. He had to deal with kids and vets. BTW, guess how long Herb Brooks coached the Rangers. That's right, 4 years.

I have no problem with changing the coach. I just don't think it will help or hurt.
So is it your contention that who the coach is doesn't matter? Should we bring Trottier back? How about Muckler?

If the players are tuning the coach out, then bringing in a new coach HAS to help, if only as addition by subtraction.

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