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06-08-2013, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Nac Mac Feegle View Post
Is there a source for that quote? Seems to be a lot of people putting words into the mouths of players lately (especially Hanks).

Pretty strange to think how Lundqvist was gushing over the "best coach in the world" during his Vezina speech less than a year ago to leading a coup today. It just doesn't add up.

Need some concrete evidence what actually happened before we can sit there and say for sure it was the players that revolted on him. And no, random blogs and interwebs musing are not evidence.
So the fact that it was being reported that the players weren't exactly pleased during their exit interviews isn't enough for you? We now need them to come forward and confess what was said between them and Sather? Not going to happen. It rarely happens in pro sports that the exact details of internal business such as this is revealed. Especially not with the Rangers.

Opinions don't change?

Originally Posted by Nac Mac Feegle View Post
They were planning on bringing him back when they gave him an extension - during the season.

During the season is not the same thing as at the end of their playoff run.

We have absolutely no way of knowing if these "player meetings" had anything to do with the firing. Not until a player or member of management comes out and specifically says that.

It is all assumption on the part of bloggers and journalists who want to dig the knife in as deeply as possible to get a sensational headline.
What else would spark them to suddenly fire him at the end of the playoffs? They extended him, Sather had no plans to fire him. It's a safe assumption to believe the players had quit on him.

Talk about wanting to sensationalize everything, it's laid out pretty clear for everyone. Yet here we are in another thread discussing the firing of Torts and people still think it was some sort of conspiracy or something. Had the players still been "in love" with Torts he'd still be here.

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