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06-08-2013, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by free0717 View Post
Bottom line is the reason the Rangers lost to the Bruins is because they were not good enough. The Bruins were much deeper at every position and that depth won against both the Rangers and the Penguins. I tip my hat to the Bruins because they are the better team.

I loved Torts. Loved his intensity, his fire, his passion. I cant say what the room was like because I was not in the room. However there was a streak of about 8 games during the season where Marian Gaborik had a break a way and didn't score. Torts system put Gabby in position to score but he couldn't get the job done. However Torts intensity is what grinded on every player and forced him to lose the room. When Torts was hired, everyone knew there would be a shelf life to this guy. That time came. Torts, you will be missed. You were not perfect, but you brought accountability to this team. Something that had been sorely lacking. You brought a conditioning level to this team that it never had.
You make some valid points but youre painting too idealistic of a picture here. He was too stubborn to coach a team. He hit the right balance of players last year and his team wore down on him right when it needed to peak. You call it excellent conditioning, I call it fatigue. They had the upper hand on teams during the beginning of the season, yes, but thats not the time of season that counts.

He brought accountability to his players, yes, but then he himself never was accountable. He'd throw his players under the bus to the media, he'd shift around lines he made when they didn't work, he never had an answer for a struggling offense or powerplay. That's irony more so than accountability.

Torts system never put Gabby in a position to get 8 breakaways in a rows. That's an anomaly not a representation. Also, 8 games? I don't remember Gabby having 8 breakaways in a season for us, let alone an 8 game stretch in a half season.

I'm not going to blame Torts for everything. A pretty big part of why this team failed, this season, was because the players did not perform to their contracts (most of them at least). However, Torts was far more detrimental to this group of guys than they were to themselves. You can't force players to be something they are not and he wanted each and every player to be the same mold, the same type. Can't have that my friend.

Don't get me wrong, we need someone who brings that same intensity and passion here that Torts brought, but we don't need a dictator who can never adjust to his rosters or adjust to a game plan outside of his own.

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