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06-08-2013, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
I am neither a Torts supporter or hater. I think he is a good coach, but he is easily replaceable. That is because they all are.
All coaches are replacable....I bet your vast years following the team taught you that. Us fans that aren't as wise as you just learned something new...

Now that Boston has wasted Pittsburgh, isn't it apparent to most people that the reason the Rangers loss to the Bruins had nothing to do with their coach?

Maybe this just became apparent to you but if you've read this board since the day Torts was fired you would see not many posters pointed to the Bruins series as the ONLY reason Torts was fired.....

Is their anyone out there who believes that Rangers personnel is better than Pittsburgh, aside from goaltender?
Probably not, what's the point of even bringing the Penguins series into this?

The Rangers put up a much more competitive series than Pitt did. Yes, they only won one game, but Pitt looked totally overmatched. The Rangers didn't.
One series has nothing to do with the other. The Rangers won 1 game the Penguins won no games. The difference isn't that big.

Those of you who criticized Nash during the series would now be screaming that Crosby and Malkin suck if you were Penguins fans.
So Nash didn't deserve to get criticized? Gotcha....

I think if Crosby and Malkin were Rangers and the team won a cup a few years ago people would give them a bit of a pass. This strange thing exists called context....

The Rangers finished up about where they should have, despite all the crying and moaning throughout this site. In the thread speculating about who should coach next, we have people explaining that this coach would be a great choice or a terrible choice without having a clue how any coach will end up doing.
Nobody has a clue but this board is a place where fans can speculate. What's wrong with that? It's also not a stretch to say if the Rangers had better special teams they could've gone further. Does that point to the coach? Considering the day of Game 4 against the Bruins the coach is admitted it was a mistake to keep McD off the power play all year. Considering the coach pointed to his own short comings is it wrong for fans to speculate?

What do you suggest, should we shut down the board until training camp?

To me, it's funny watching a fan say that his choice will be a "great fit" or a disaster that will wreak havoc on our city. Face it, none of us has a clue how a coach will work out, and my very minority opinion is that barring the very rare exception of incompetence, it doesn't matter in the least who is chosen to run the show.
So I guess you are in the Messier for coach category? Chosen wants Messier to coach the team. I don't know if you do but I can make the assumption from what you just said above. Just as you make assumptions about Rangers fans we can make assumptions about you.

None of us have a clue how the coach will work out, but we can make educated guesses. Whether somebody's right or wrong doesn't really matter to people that have lives.

What matters most is the GM and luck.
Players don't matter?
On an unrelated matter, Krug is the real deal. Let me know when you come around on that one, Inferno.
I can't speak for Inferno, I don't get along with him BUT if he thinks he's wrong he's man enough to admit it. For you to call him out in this thread instead of sending him a friendly PM is complete garbage. It's the type of thing you'd expect from a teenager not somebody that is clearly much older than that. It's not a related not in the spirit of the thread you created. It's related in the I'm right you're wrong tone of almost all your posts.

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