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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
So his play was outstanding but it wasn't superb?

And how the flying **** did the Rangers quit in game 5 when they limited the shots on Hank to SIXTEEN ****ING SHOTS! The Rangers put up 3 goals and Hank couldn't stop a ****ing beach ball. That's merely "not playing his best" to you? That was one of the worst performances I have seen from a Vezina winner that I can remember. Did you ever take a second to think that perhaps Hank's "performance" in game 5 was a backbreaker (emotionally) to the team?

Hank was strictly mediocre outside of his two great games (the two shutouts). He was not outstanding, he was not superb, he was not even great. He was mediocre or good at times. I'm sorry, but that's such a bunch of crap to not place blame on Hank. What a joke. This is what annoys me about some of you guys on here. You are so damn blind when it comes to Hank that you cannot place blame on the guy. The entire team is to blame. Torts, the skaters, and Hank are all implicit in that loss.

I am not blaming everything on Hank. I am merely placing blame on him as it should be -- along with the skaters and coaches. He did not do anything in that series to warrant the defense you are giving him.
Is that a joke of a statement? What if I said "Did you ever take a second to think that the team's 'performance' in Game 4 was a back breaker (emotionally) to Hank?". They're professionals. They played plenty of emotional games. It's on the coach to focus them if they are letting any type of emotions get to them from game to game. Don't insinuate that his poor performance in game 5 is the reason they threw the towel in after being in the game all of game 6. I could do the same with team's performance in game 4 and the effect it could have potentially had on Henrik in game 5. Doesn't mean it's true.

His play was outstanding in 4 of the 6 games. 2 of the 6 it was not. Henrik is not perfect but HE is the reason we got to where we did. Don't fool yourself. This team would be no where with out him. It wouldn't have gone to the ECF last year with out him. They wouldn't have made the playoffs any of the other years Torts was here either.

Rask played like horse **** in game 7 of the first round. Scratch that, he played like horse **** from game 5-7 of the first round. His team picked up the slack when he was blowing it. Our team was incapable of doing that because of the style of play we incorporated. That easily could have been us last year against the Devils. Easily, had we ever had a semblance of offense.

If we go back to the Devils series last year the amount of quality chances they had on us was far greater than the quality chances we had on them, despite the shots count. We can rack up 50 shots, doesn't mean any of them are dangerous.

Back to what you were saying. Besides the shut outs Hank wasn't superb? Game 6? He kept the ****ing team in it when they just decided to pack it in. All 18 skaters were just going through the motions, they barely had any intensity the final period and OT. Henrik made some unreal stops during that time period.

And talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I'm blind that im not blaming Henrik? Why in the world would I place blame on him? Everyone who thinks they can come out and be like "oh people are so blind, henrik is great but he doesn't play up to his vezina caliber for 2-3 games... so he's a big part of the reason we lost" is blind themselves. Are you that ignorant to actually sit and type how he is expendable because he didn't rob 2 wins for us? Is playing up to standards stealing 4 games every series? Cause he seems to do that more than any other goalie on any other team. Disgusting. He is your ****ing team. It's just him that shows up many nights, yet you still sit and complain about him.

He had 1 bad game that series. Every other game was winnable if the team in front of him was competent on offense.

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