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06-08-2013, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Oh please. Then why didn't all 18 of our skaters get traded? Our team had a motivational problem from game 1 this season. Something happened in the locker room. Torts wasn't effective. I'm not blaming Torts for everything but he made some idiotic moves. Moves not only idiotic on the ice but idiotic in terms of what they did with the relationships he had with the players. He killed the confidence of Richards, Gaborik, Kreider... those 3 could have been huge contributors.

Kreider flopped? He had boned chips in his ankle all season. Have you played with bone chips in your ankle? I've heard they are very painful and debilitating. Additionally, he yo-yo'ed him. Up and down in the line up, up and down on the team and to AHL. You don't do that with a top prospect. You develop him properly. You give him ample time and chances to develop.

Enough of this "he didn't earn it" lunacy. He's your TOP prospect. You MUST develop him properly. If he's up in your big club you play him top 9 minutes consistently and you reassure him to BOOST his confidence. If he's not ready you play him top 3 minutes in your AHL affiliate until he is ready and then you give him proper chances to prove himself in the NHL. When Kreider killed it in the NHL he was still only used on the 4th line. Idiotic.

Same goes for putting Gabby and Richards on the 3rd line with a bunch of grinders. Whats that going to do to their confidence? It's certainly not going to help them when they have even less of a chance to score goals.

We did not have enough depth, exactly. Our players did not perform, no argument there. But our coach was a big part of the problem and he needed to go. Motivation is winning? Again, then we must have traded all 18 guys and not just Gaborik.
Never said Tortorella didn't need to go.

Sather giving him the roster he did to start the season didn't help.

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