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01-06-2004, 07:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Stephan Lebeau
I don't see why everyone wants to dispose of Juneau so quickly. So tell me one thing -- if we did dump him, who would replace him in shutting the opposition's top line down when we needed it?

Begin? -- sure, he was impressive in the few games Juneau was out..but is he really that experienced to fill Juneau's skates? Is he as smart? Does he know to defend as well as Juneau does? Seems to me like he's more of a sparkplug player; an energy line kinda guy. Come playoff time will he get the job done?

Sundstrom? Dackell? -- yeah, they're ok... but they can't do what Juneau does.

As old as he is (which only plays to our benefit due to the experience he's amassed) and as bad as his back is or as slow as he may be.... I'm willing to overlook that and take his mediocre 12 points and penalty killing expertise and run with em.

With the majority of our players either very young or not experienced in playoff hockey, we need guys like him.

I can't think of any instances this season where he's goofed up majorly or done us wrong.

Your opinions?
First off, Sundstrom and Dackell can't do it because they're not centers. Juneau is over the hill. He can't skate anymore, and his checking is mostly due to his great hockey sense. When Bégin was on this line, all 3 players spent most of their time against the opposition's best lines in the offensive zone. Bégin was IN FRONT of his opponent, not behind, trying to poke check. Bégin was intense. Juneau is not. Juneau is easily pushed aside. Bégin is not. Heck, Koivu played with Sundstrom and Dackell saturday and the line was creative and dominant.

That's the difference. The only reason why Juneau is still with the club is because he's got a couple more zeros than wanted on his pay checks.

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