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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
I don't think so.

Chara, just like you said, is a perfect fit for the kind of team they have. Much like Leonidas was a crazy mofo in 300, he's the image you think of when you think of the Bruins, a huge tough player. I don't think that if you would replace him with Karlsson or Letang you'd get the same results. Obviously, I picked the softiest of the softies for the sake of my argument.
Ah, no. That was my mistake. I used Norris contender and forgot that it can be applied to swiss-cheese defensmen who put up lots of points lately.

In the end I think the lesson was just that his size in itself is not what makes chara good, but it's one of the factors that contribute to just how effective he is. (especially in the dead puck era playoffs).

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