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01-06-2004, 07:37 AM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Davisian
So true..

I don't know if it's the cumulative effect of all these losing seasons, or just this years team, but I just can't stands 'em..

Even in recent years past, there seemed to be a couple of guys who I still rooted for and looked forward to watch, but not anymore.. Sure, there's still Leetch, and Barnaby and a couple others still work hard and play with pride, and there's Ortmeyer around to watch a developing youngster, but overall, I really just don't enjoy this team..

I think it's a complete lack of speed, as there's just nobody on this team that puts me to the edge of my seat when they get the puck, or go into a bonzai forecheck..

Davisian and Melrose Jr....My sediments exactly...Haven't posted for awhile because the passion just isn't there any more...I don't care when they win and it doesn't bother me any more when they lose...Or how they lose......I can't even work up the bile and emotion for a rant after such a putrid all around effort like last night (Although I felt one stirring when that pitiful pansified poke-checking purse swinger decided to leave the zone early last night..).

The bottom line is I just do not like the players on this team, in fact I can't stand about 75% of them and I only look forward to watching one player -- JED...And that's pitiful......I hate Sather with a Passion...And I despise the way the Rangers and Ranger Management are trying to field the teams...Hell, I don't even care how much ice time Messier gets anymore or whether or not bozos like Maladog, Nedved and the rest are held accountable..It just doesn't matter right now....

Obviosuly, I can't quit COLD TURKEY because I still watch and read everything..WHo knows, maybe a few moves will re-invigorate my passion----but I doubt these moves come this year..Just may have to wait for the likes of Ortmeyere, Moore, Lundmark, Lundqvist, Tjutin, Jessiman, Dawes, Jonasen, Baranaka and a few otherss...

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