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06-08-2013, 08:01 PM
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Based on the outcome of this past season...

The right:
-Galchenyuk at #1.
Yes, it's the obvious pick.

-Tinordi and Collberg in the top 5.
Great call on these two. Tinordi will be a beast for the Habs next season and Collberg is going to look very nice on the Habs top 9, given his development doesn't hit any snags on the way there.

Too high:
-Beaulieu at #2.
He looked okay at the NHL level but still needs some seasoning. I still have him in the top 5 but possibly two ranks lower, at #4, just in front of Collberg.

-Leblanc at #4.
Granted, we had no idea he'd hit that big of a wall, that hard. He had so much promise to his game and looked like he was a year or two away and then completely lost a step.

-Ellis at #7.
His drop off, to me, has more reflection on what others did better rather than what he did wrong. He stepped off a bit, but not as much as others and not as much as those two stepped it UP. I still like him as a prospect.

-Thrower at #9.
Same as Leblanc, he lost a step. A big one. I don't see him inside the top 10 but I hope, like Leblanc, he continues positively and proves me wrong. He didn't look good this past season with Saskatoon.

-Bennett at #11.
Just outside the top 10? I think he's a bit lower/behind some other prospects.

-Quailer at #17.
Big drop off for him. Outside of the top 20.

-Schultz at #30.
He shouldn't even be on the list.

HM: Those who were either released or did not get signed, for obvious reasons, but that's hindsight at this point.

Too low:
-Gallagher at #6.
Top five minimum. Top 3, in my opinion. (Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Tinordi)

-Kristo at #8.
I'd have him closer to the top 5 than the bottom of the top 10.

-Dietz at #15.
He's top 10.

-Vail, Hudon and Dumont at #19, #20 and #21 respectively.
All three of them get bumped up several spots, in my opinion. Dumont will be a very solid fourth liner for the Habs. Vail and Hudon show a lot of upside and promise.

-Nygren at #31.
What. Are. You. Doing. There...?

-Delmas at #37.
My own bias and I fully admit that and own it. I have a soft spot for him and believe he should be ranked higher than some ahead of him.

My top 10 would look a little something like this.

1. Galchenyuk
2. Gallagher
3. Tinordi
4. Beaulieu
5. Collberg
6. Kristo
7. Dietz
8. Pateryn
9. Hudon
10. Leblanc

I'd have Nygren at #11, just scratching the surface of the top 10.

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