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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
It's only one name. I'm not even going to get into speculation about potential moves at this point..
Regardless, the acquisition of a middle tier goalie and a 1st line winger is not enough for me to compensate the loss of the best goalie in the NHL IMO. Agree to disagree I guess, unless you happen to get say a Jamie Benn and Halak, then yeah, go for it. But look at Sather's track record and tell me with a straight face if you're confident he'll use that extra money wisely.

If Richards is bought out, how is he a problem next season? How was Gaborik a top line player last year? His less than a PPG pace after a big game in Columbus somehow makes him a top line player? Gaborik was a 2nd liner at best this past year. Same with Richards. Over the hill, broken, done players. Why do you think we got rid of Gaborik? Why do you think there are talks to buy out Richards? How is Nash a bad acquisition? He was one of the key reasons we were even in the playoffs to begin with. .
I believe a lot of this sterns from the fact of Glen Sather's complete inability to evaluate a roster for the long haul. Constant overpaying of FAs like Drury, Richards, Gomez and Redden does not make me feel safe with Sather handling that cap space. I'd much rather use that cap for the best goalie in the league who's been top at his position for the Rangers. Nash is a bad acquistation since he is one of the most overpaid players in the league, pretty simple. Just look at the names that made 7.8mil at the time he signed his contract, completely inexcusable for an above average, non-elite 1st line player.

I don't see how you can possibly be OK with paying Hank a cent over 8M.
Because he is the best at his position. Because he was an MVP candidate. Because he has been this team's MVP ever since he stepped into the league. To have the Rangers balk for their only franchise player at 200k more than what Rick Nash makes will make me really test my fandom with this franchise as long as Sather/Gorton/Clark are running the show.

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