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10-10-2006, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Grave77digger View Post
Our refs just started allowing lifting the stick again after calling it strictky the past 3 weeks. Now its ok to have your stick lifted stright up in the air above your head... cant we find a happy medium and stick to one standard
Your officials are a joke no offense. Maybe it was just 2 guys week you might get refs who continue to enforce the rules.

Those refs who cant take the "heat" to continue to call the rules how they are suppose to by USA Hockey should quit right now. They are just hurting the other refs who are calling it the way they are suppose to.

In my organization 2 referees have already been asked to resign because they wouldn't call it the way that was of them being a referee for 13 years. They cant be forced to quit...but they will spend there weeks doing plenty of Mite/Atom games until they decide to call it the way USA dictates.

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