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01-06-2004, 09:14 AM
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I wanted Parise all along because from all accounts he sounds like a more talented Mike York in that he never stops his feet from moving and has grit for a guy that size, not run them over type grit but a York type of grit that overcomes the lack of size and he seems to have a better offensive game then does Mike and that seems like a great combo to me.

I felt and still feel he will be a impact NHLer and that he is one of the more sure-fire guys coming out of last years draft.I was so glad the Isles also passed but was pissed when Lou traded up 5 spots to get the kid.When Lou does that you know the kid will be a player IMO.

I love what Jessiman MAY become and we certainly could use a power winger that is huge with great hands so hopefully he works out and I'm certainly not down on the kid.

And as for the 2nd round I really was hoping they'd grab Patrick O'Sullivan.The kid has top-notch talent but was affected greatly by family issues where his father was an absolute nut case who was trying to live through his kid and at one point dragged him off his junior teams bus and gave him a beating after a poor performance prompting the kid and his mother to finally take out an order of protection after enduring yrs of abuse.They had a very interesting article on it at ESPN around draft time and the kid clearly was 1st rd talent but this family stuff caused him to slip.

With our 2nd rounder I felt the kid was w/o a doubt worth a shot as he was making strides to move away from the destructive situation with his father.I wish the kid the best in Minny but I wish our scouts had taken a crack at him when he was available when we selected in the 2nd.

It's all a crap shoot and both guys we got both have good to very good upside so hopefully Hugh and Barinka (sp?) live up to their potential.

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