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06-08-2013, 11:49 PM
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good early post, I'd switch Charlotte with Bathurst and CB with SJ. that's what I think will happen, and hope Noel has a big impact on SJ soon. Might put Moncton higher too.

Looking at that depth chart, the Moose would be crazy to not use the #6 euro pick on a young center. We don't need a quick fix at C, we should draft a long-term one (17).

The division is really Halifax' for the taking. Cam has stated he wants to be competitive this year, so we won't be selling anymore than Duke/Andrews or whoever we get to complete our set of 20's... Here's how I see each teams strengths...

1) Halifax - not anywhere near last year, but return 8 guys, 5 of which played a full season. This could also get better with the pickup of a high-profile Euro. #1-#4 are close for me, no clear cut best.
2) Moncton - return some good players upfront.
3) Cape Breton - Have easily the best player in the division IMO, Carrier, but are still young.
4) Bathurst - close behind Moncton Cape and Halifax, but have several good complementary players...
5) Charlottetown
6) Saint John - Star forward Noel makes it better, still last IMO.
Not a good group of forwards as whole really, lacking stars unlike this past season.

1) Halifax - I don't think anyone has a better top pair right now... Lewis-Weegar is pretty good, and I don't think Vance will be back on the Island, so Moose get this one.
2) Charlottetown - Oligny is maybe the best D in the league next year, will compete with Weegar in the division.
3) Bathurst - girard, gosselin, Godin, decent top 4.
4) Cape Breton
5) Saint John
6) Moncton

1) Saint John - Auger is at times sensational, I think of him in the highest regard when it comes to Q goalies so takes this over Bibeau.
2) Charlottetown - Bibeau was great last year, needs to duplicate it.
3) Halifax (Fucale)
4) Bathurst (Brennan, McDonald) have a goaltending issue to deal with, could be 4th best either way IMO.
5) Cape Breton (Lagace, Bureau)
6) Moncton (Dubeau) heard about him all year long for the wrong reasons, and can't say he's better than Lagace or Bathurst's guys

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