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06-09-2013, 07:22 AM
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I have finished totally updating the thread for Haswell and the new GPU releases.

Some notes:
Prices have stayed relatively stable for the last 6 months. Canadians still pay more for certain items like Cases, Asrock products, and some video card brands. Still can't figure out why exactly.

Haswell Launch prices are fair, and motherboards are much cheaper this time around than z77 was.

I didn't think my 'who needs money' system was ridiculous enough. So I doubled the memory to 32GB of premium RAM. Went with 2x 780's. Removed all mechanical drives and went with 2x 512 Samsung 840 pros. And massively upgraded the case to a Corsair 800D.

Nvidia is killing it in the bang for your buck realm lately. AMD won this area big time in 2012 and right now outside of a select few price points I think the average Nvidia card is better at price/performance. 650 ti boost and the 770 are priced as AMD killers.

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